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Le Botaniste Catering Spreads and Dips Assortement

Botanical Spreads

Assortment of three seasonal spreads served with crackers and veggie sticks (serves 8 to 10)
Contains: nut.

Le Botaniste Catering Botanical Tray

Botanical Tray

Assortment of crudités served with Saffron Aioli (serves 8 to 10)
Contains: nut.

Le Botaniste Catering Veggie sushi roll

Veggie Sushi Roll

Veggie Sushi roll served with ginger velvet dressing and Saffron Aioli (30pcs)
Contains: nut, soy.

Le Botaniste Catering Beet Balls Tray

Veggie Balls Tray

Veggie balls served with seasonal spread (20pcs)
Contains: seeds.

Le Botaniste Catering Superseed Avocado Tray

Superseed Avocado Tray

Served with crackers and Saffron Aioli dressing (16pcs)
Contains: nut, seeds.

Le Botaniste Catering Seasonal Salad

Side Salad

Our Side Salad contains salad mix, seasonal veggies, a spread and a dressing, varies with the seasons (serves 8 to 10).

Le Botaniste Catering Soup of the day

Soup Of The Day

Served individually, our vegetable of the day soup contains: onion, garlic, salt, olive oil. Cracker on request.

Prescription Bowls

Le Botaniste Catering Individual Bowls

Individual Bowls

Your choice of prescriptions bowls can be served individually.

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Individual Botanical Menu

Your choice of a half portion prescription bowl served individually with a side salad or a soup of the day.

Le Botaniste Catering Family Tray

Family Style Tray

Choose one or more of our prescriptions bowls served family style (each tray serves 4 to 6 persons):
Tibetan Mama, Pasta Bolo, Spicy Chili Sin Carne, Vegetable Tajine, Botanical Salad, Seasonal special.

Full Prescriptions

Le Botaniste Catering Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party

Assortment of botanical spreads, crackers and veggies sticks, veggie sushi roll, veggies balls (serves up to 15)
Contains: nut, soy.

Le Botaniste Catering Botanical Lunch

Botanical Lunch

Your choice of 2 prescriptions bowls served family style, a seasonal salad to share pair with Iced Tea and Botanical Lemonade (serves 10)

Le Botaniste Catering Guilt-Free Snack

Guilt-Free Snack

Assortment of baked goods (5 brownies, 5 peanut butter cookies), 10 red fruit chia puddings paired with detox drinks (serves 10)
Contains: nut, peanut.

Guilt-Free Desserts

Le Botaniste Catering Baked Goods Assortment

Baked Goods Assortment

Assortment of baked goods: 5 Omega 3 Brownies and 5 cookies: Chocolate Pecan or Peanut Butter Quinoa.
Contains: nut, peanut.

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Individual desserts

All our desserts are available in individual servings.

Order timing — we require 24 hours notice on all catering orders, but most of the time we can accommodate last-minute requests.
Minimum — there is a $250 minimum on delivered catering orders (before fees and taxes)
Set up — all our delivered orders are set up buffet style by our team members. 
Cancelation Policy — email us at catering@lebotaniste.us and we’ll accommodate your scheduling changes to the best of our ability. We do charge 50% of your order’s total for cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled pick-up/delivery time.

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To place your order, please email us at catering@lebotaniste.us

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