"For lunch, Hunt heads to New York City's Le Botaniste, where she orders its plant-based vegan chili. 'It's really hearty'"

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"My favorite place in the city to have lunch near the office is Le Botaniste. It is beautifully designed and serves healthy plant-based food that keeps me light on my feet during my chaotic days"

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“Being part-time plant-based, I found it very difficult when eating out to find what I was craving, and very few places offer organic plant-based foods that are convenient”

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"It’s surprisingly flavorful vegan fare, with tangy, ultra-colorful dressings and sauces packing a punch"

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"Le Botaniste charms with savory 'prescriptions' like the Tibetan Mama rice bowl served over brown rice with steamed vegetables and kimchi"

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"Le Botaniste champions the cause to save Planet Earth with responsible dishes that cater to nearly every dietary restriction"

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"The reactions (…) are unanimous: 'oh, wow! I wasn’t expecting that!'"

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"Chef Alain Coumont’s healthy sustainable cuisine is 100 percent plant-based, 99 per cent organic and all wines are natural"


"But trust us on this one, you’re going to want to indulge in the botanical gluten-free goodness that is Le Botaniste"


"L'enseigne belge envoie ses bols végétariens et bios dans six restaurants, trois en Belgique et trois à New York. Une nouvelle 'success story'"

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"'Des lieux de guérison et d'expériences par excellence', explique Alain Coumont"

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"À la fois cantine végétarienne et bar à vins naturels, c'est la nouvelle adresse healthy à (re)découvrir sans plus attendre"


"Se soigner par l’alimentation, l’idée vous plaît? Le Botaniste, une cantine végétarienne, bio & gluten free vous plaira!"

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"Le Botaniste richt zich dan ook niet uitsluitend op een vegetarisch publiek. ‘Iedereen kan deeltijds vegetariër of veganist zijn"

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"De koolstofvoetafdruk moet interessant blijven. Kwaliteit primeert bij ons op kwantiteit"

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"NYC vegan wine bar partnered with GoForest to plant a forest with 300 trees in northwest Peru in an effort to help reforestation of one of the most at-risk regions"

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"We gave our customers the opportunity to "add" a Tre to their 100% plant-based and organic orders, as we look for creative ways to help eat more sustainably and inspire to go beyond carbon neutrality"

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"On key environmental dates, it will match guest donations and it's donated one tree for each member of the team"

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