Happy New Year

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Dearest Veggie Lovers, from our whole team of Pioneers: Wishing you a Happy, Delicious and Healthy New Year!

Thank you for making 2023 such a fantastic year,

This January will be our ninth year in NYC. What a year 2023 was! We embraced all the opportunities that came our way, turning them
into successes — and we couldn’t have done it without you all.

Some of our proudest moments:

Opening a location in Bryant Park  On June 8th, we opened our fifth NYC location. A New York dream of ours became reality, and continues to push us to grow every day.

We served over 350,000 orders  We’re grateful for how many of you chose to eat with us this year. With every bite, you’re helping emit less CO2. You ordered more than 50,000 bowls of Spicy Chili Sin Carne, saving over 50,000kg of carbon emissions compared to a conventional chili.

We launched 8 new dishes, 3 new desserts and 7 new drinks  From delicious seasonal salads to the out-of-this-world ratatouille, we kept innovating in the kitchen. But you were also very creative this year, creating 37,000 DIY bowls — almost each one unique!

Last but not least: more than ever, we stayed focused on the quality of our food and on creating the best possible experience for you.
Our welcoming team of Pioneers makes sure of it, one meal at a time.

Le Botaniste is the future of food. We’re connecting people, communities and you to an accessible and conscious food evolution — and for many more years!

See you soon in our restaurants!

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