Personalized Bowls with Square Fare AI Technology

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Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a menu, torn between what you want and what your body needs? Does the world of nutrition sometimes feel like a maze, leaving you unsure about what your body truly requires? Navigating the landscape of nutrition can indeed be challenging. It’s not just about what tastes good but what fuels your body in a way that aligns with your personal health goals. Whether you’re aiming to manage your weight, enhance heart health, reduce inflammation, or regulate blood sugar levels, the choices you make on your plate play a crucial role.

 Starting this month, we unveil the first-in-industry partnership with Square Fare, introducing a new revolutionizing AI technology to tailor meals to the individual needs of the restaurant guests. 

By taking a short quiz, the tool will provide a personalized order recommendation based on someone’s health and fitness goals of the day. The Square Fare tool analyzes individual profiles, workout plans, and overall macro targets in real time, using this information to build the perfect Le Botaniste bowl. Leveraging the extensive Le Botaniste menu and all our “Do It Yourself” combinations, these personalized bowls are designed to maximize nutritional benefits without compromising on taste.


Laurent Francois, Co-Founder and CEO of Le Botaniste, emphasized the restaurant’s commitment to offering satisfying plant-based meals that nourish the body:

“Our goal is to provide our guests with delicious food that's also nutritious, 
enriching the dining experience for those who take a holistic approach to well-being. 

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As part of the collaboration, the Square Fare widget and a 2-minute quiz will be integrated on our website, providing personalized recommendations for both online and in-store guests. Alizée Wyckmans, Brand Director at Le Botaniste, highlighted the empowerment aspect of this feature. “No two people have the same nutritional needs. It’s a way to empower our guests—not just to eat better but to eat what works for them.” 


Claire Goldwitz, CEO and Founder at Square Fare, shared her vision of the partnership too: “Our mission at Square Fare is to tailor meals to the individual needs of our clients. By collaborating with Le Botaniste, we aim to revolutionize the restaurant landscape and provide innovative solutions for a healthier lifestyle.


“Join us on this journey where your plate isn’t just a source of nourishment but a tailored experience that reflects your individual needs.

Welcome to a new era of dining at Le Botaniste,
where your health and satisfaction are at the forefront of every bite!

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