Belgian Vegan Award: Best Lunch!

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“Le Botaniste continues to suprise with its innovative and tasty recipes based on organic vegetables

Be Vegan at the Belgian Vegan Awards. 

Every year, BE Vegan, the Belgian veganism association, presents the Belgian Vegan Awards to remarkable food concepts that have made a significant contribution to the Belgian vegan scene. This year, Le Botaniste secured the title for “Best Lunch”! 

The crowning moment took place during a glittering ceremony held in Ghent on January 29, where the Belgian Vegan Awards recognized the most impactful vegan initiatives of the past year. Among the deserving recipients, Le Botaniste received the coveted title for providing the best lunch experience. BE Vegan, the organization behind the awards, highlighted Le Botaniste for its continuous ability to surprise and delight with innovative and delectable recipes crafted from organic vegetables. The accolade is not just a recognition of culinary excellence; it also acknowledges Le Botaniste’s steadfast commitment to numerous environmental projects. 

This triumph underscores Le Botaniste’s dedication to a 100% plant-based and certified organic menu, offering a culinary journey brimming with flavors and creativity. Whether you find yourself in one of the three Belgian locations (Ghent, Schuman, Bailli) or in the United States, where Le Botaniste is making waves, you can savor a truly exceptional vegetable-based cuisine. Not only the food was highly spoken of, our well-known ‘instaproof’ marble veggie bar and vintage medicinal interior with styleful art were mentioned.  

As Le Botaniste continues to expand its footprint, this award serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing not just meals but an experience—a journey through plant-based gastronomy that captivates and delights. Here’s to Le Botaniste and all the other champions, to make the best out of vegan dining! 

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The awards were presented in twelve categories, encompassing vegan brands, as well as restaurants and books. The other winners of the awards were: 

The Belgian Vegan Award ceremony was made possible thanks to the help of enthusiastic BE Vegan volunteers.
The above photos were taken by Lotte De Bock and Oscar Moerman, video footage of the ceremony was captured by Sofie Pintelon
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